Keeping site access records

Under all COVID-19 Alert Levels, it is critical that organisations take steps to enable the contact tracing of people who have had possible exposure to the virus. TEOs are required to maintain an up-to-date record of all people (staff, learners, contractors, etc.) who visit or attend their campuses and facilities. This includes staff and students attending sites for tuition where permitted under the relevant Alert Level rules. It also includes those who are regularly on-site living in student accommodation or carrying out essential services, as well as those who make a one-off visit to a site to complete a specific task.

Your organisation must keep detailed records, in a form readily accessed, of the following information on every individual who attends or visits the site: Names, contact details, specific buildings visited, date and time of attendance/visit.  The level of detail in these records must be sufficient to enable tracing of individuals in the event of possible exposure to the virus.

NZQA may request to see your site-access records at any time, and may carry out audits on these from time to time. Given the essential role of contact tracing in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, you must ensure that your organisation is keeping the required records.

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