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Charlotte Mann


Ngāti Kahungunu o te Wairoa


Mount Albert Grammar School








 I am currently exploring my thoughts and ideas about who I am as a young Māori and how I feel about my ancestors and whenua being molded and changed by colonisation. I am exploring the traditional ways of my people in contrast to how they are done now and satisfying my curiosity about how and why processes and changes have occurred. The three patu represent and symbolise changes in time; the adaptation of the materials from kauri to pounamu and whalebone and the tools that have been used to produce practical tools, weapons and taonga. The carvings show the primitive nature that would be expected to be seen when carved from early and more primitive tools. Over time as carving tools were refined so to are the designs meaning more intricate details adorned the patu making them more desirable by people from other cultures. Traditional and more modern carving methods have been recognised and admired of varying levels by cultures outside in Māoridom, as has their value and worth. To symbolise this I have finished with a clear glass to represent our innate attraction to shiny things.
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