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Brooklyn Rangitikei Daniel Williams


Ngāti Awa, Patuwai


Te Aute College




The Beginning


Acrylic Paint/Pen


This artwork depicts the start of creation in Māori mythology. The centre piece is where all the children are cocooned inside, pushing outwards to separate their parents, Ranginui (right) and Papatūānuku (left). The two Manaia are the parents. Ranginui is holding a staff that a high chief or warrior would hold to resemble a male character. He was placed on the right in reference to the Haka when men raise their right leg, stomping in remembrance of Ranginui rising to the sky. The top and bottom pieces are mirrored, and show life building. it has stems reaching from all four sides of the board, showing life, beginning, winding through, restarting and finally finishing. The stems cross over the black canine teeth like triangles and white smooth lines. This is a meaning to the eye of the storm, that in dark and hardship times there is always light and calm at the centre.
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