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Keaton A. Stephens




Edgewater College




Te Wānanga o Te Tahawai


Vinyl, clear acrylic


My artwork was inspired by our local school marae, Te Tahawai marae. I love the designs and patterns of traditional Māori artworks, carvings, buildings, and clothing that I have had the privilege of viewing first hand at my school.

I’ve used traditional designs as inspiration and transformed them into contemporary and innovative artwork. The design itself is a repeating tile pattern with the centre containing multiple intermixing Māori symbols from nature like the koru and silver fern sprouting out and flourishing.

The colours are the traditional black and red. I chose these because they work well together as contrasting colours. Instead of using a white background, I’ve opted to use the clear acrylic board. The acrylic offers a layer of transparency that is interesting to the eye and can be more interactive in a variety of spaces.

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