Transforming support for internal assessment

As part of NZQA’s digital transformation journey, we are continuing to investigate how to better provide support to teachers undertaking internal assessment.

Over 2016-2018 we successfully trialed the online Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) Programme and other online Best Practice Workshops.  These are now being offered as part of our Assessor Support options.  More information about these, including how to register or request a workshop can be found at NZQA Best Practice Workshops.

All workshops, with the exception of the TAP Programme, are now available ‘on request’ which allows assessors to choose the mode and time of delivery with suggested standards and topics to cover.  This option of targeted support is providing assessors with the ability to host workshops, which in turn usually reduces the overall cost of workshops for participants.

Innovative Assessment School Visits

Over the last two years we have been visiting schools that have been identified as using innovative assessment practices.  The practices include integrated assessment (both within subjects and across subjects), collecting evidence over time, project-based assessment, the use of different technologies by students to demonstrate knowledge and student agency (either partial or full) over context and mode of demonstration.

These school visits have enabled us, as a regulatory agency, to check that our processes and policies are not a barrier to innovative assessment.

The visits have included the collection of teacher, administrator and student voice together with any initial indications of raised student engagement and/or achievement.  It is planned to maintain a ‘watching brief’ over the progress of these schools with their assessment practices with a view to developing case studies over time.  It is hoped that these will encourage and support other schools to explore different ways of doing assessment while still maintaining the rigour and credibility of the qualification.

As they become available, video clips from these schools have been included in the TAP Programme to enhance the examples and case studies of internal practice already being demonstrated in some schools.

At the end of this year, three schools will be showcased on the NZQA website.  Viewers will be taken on their journey, which includes the highs-lows, any challenges, and how these have been overcome.  We look forward to sharing their stories with you.


Page last updated 25 June 2019

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