Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2022

5.8 Translation of External Assessments and Moderation Materials

  1. Unless specifically excluded by the assessment specifications, Candidates may present their answers in either English and/or te reo Māori.
  2. Schools must advise NZQA by 1 August 2022 if they have Candidates who wish to be assessed through the medium of te reo Māori and this includes:
    1. Candidates who require a translated version of the external assessment in te reo Māori; or
    2. Candidates who intend to submit written answers for external assessment wholly or partially in te reo Māori (but not including te reo Rangatira or te reo Māori standards).
  3. Schools must advise NZQA by 28 February 2022 if they have Candidates completing internal assessments in te reo Māori who will have their work sent to NZQA as part of the school's external moderation submission.
  4. For international language examination papers, only the instructions and source materials in the paper giving information to Candidates will be translated into te reo Māori.
  5. English externally assessed papers will not be translated into, and must not be answered in, te reo Māori.
  6. NZQA will engage markers and/or translators/interpreters who are able to assess or facilitate the assessment of students in the medium of te reo Māori where possible.
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