Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2022

7.1.2 Examination Supervision

  1. A School must recommend to NZQA a suitable person to act as the school's Examination Centre Manager (ECM) by 30 June, 2022.
  2. NZQA will appoint the ECM where satisfied the person is suitable and may withdraw the appointment where NZQA considers the person is not, or is no longer, suitable.
  3. The ECM must:
    1. comply with the NZQA Code of Conduct; and
    2. ensure that all instructions issued by NZQA for the control of the examination centre are carried out; and
    3. appoint and train supervisors for the examination centre in accordance with the supervisor schedule issued by NZQA.
  4. Supervision must be such that Candidates at each examination centre comply with the instructions of NZQA, the ECM and supervisors.
  5. The Principal's Nominee must ensure that suitable accommodation and equipment are available for each examination, and provide support, as appropriate, for the ECM.
  6. The School must review the ECM's performance annually.
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