Qualification and Micro-credential Listing and Operational Rules 2022

8. Status of Qualifications on the NZQCF

  1. Qualifications and micro-credentials on the NZQCF will be assigned one of three kinds of status by NZQA: current, expiring, or discontinued.
  2. Qualifications and micro-credentials with current status are those in current use, and programmes leading to such qualifications, and those micro-credentials, may be offered and provided to students in accordance with the Act and with rules made under section 452 of the Act.
  3. Qualifications and micro-credentials with expiring status are those:
    1. which are being replaced with a new qualification or micro-credential; or
    2. for which a decision has been made for them to be discontinued in the future.
  4. Qualifications and micro-credentials with expiring status:
    1. may continue to be available to students enrolled in a programme of study or training leading to the expiring qualification, and to students enrolled in an approved expiring micro-credential, but no new students may be enrolled in that qualification or micro-credential from the time the qualification or micro-credential is assigned expiring status by NZQA; and
    2. will have a time limit for the expiry period, following which they will be assigned discontinued status.
  5. For qualifications and micro-credentials with discontinued status:
    1. the qualification or micro-credential may no longer be awarded unless all qualification or micro-credential requirements were completed prior to its discontinuation; and
    2. programmes leading to discontinued qualifications must not be offered or provided and discontinued micro-credentials must not be offered or provided.


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