Qualification and Micro-credential Listing and Operational Rules 2022

6. Micro-credential details listed on the NZQCF

  1. The details for all micro-credentials to be listed on the NZQCF are:
    1. a suitable title:
    2. the credit value and level:
    3. the assigned six-digit code from the New Zealand Standard of Classification of Education (NZSCED) system:
    4. a purpose and outcome statement that:
      1. states the use of the micro-credential in New Zealand or one or more other countries:
      2. describes the relevance of the micro-credential to students, whānau, hapū, iwi, hapori Māori, industry, employers, professions, or community groups, as appropriate:
      3. describes the knowledge, skills, and attributes that the learner will be able to demonstrate upon achieving the micro-credential:
      4. identifies the education pathways to qualifications or other credentials, if any:
      5. identifies a cultural or employment pathway or any contribution to the community, whānau, hapū, iwi, or hapori Māori:
    5. the name of the appointed micro-credential developer:
    6. any standards that are used:
    7. the period for ongoing review (usually 1-3 years).
  2. The title of a micro-credential must not include:
    1. any of the words “New Zealand”, “national”, “diploma”, “degree”, “bachelor”, “master”, “doctor”, “under-graduate” or “post-graduate” where it may cause confusion with a qualification on the NZQCF; or
    2. the name of a person, organisation, or product unless the applicant satisfies NZQA (or Universities New Zealand in relation to university applicants) that there is a sound justification for the inclusion.
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