Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2021

6.1.1. Status, ownership, interests, sites, and environment

  1. continue to be a body corporate:
  2. seek NZQA approval where the ownership of the PTE changes, prior to the ownership change taking place:
  3. notify NZQA of any new material conflicts of interest of the PTE, and of any new interests of the PTE, or of its governing members, in organisations in the education or immigration sector that provide goods or services to tertiary students:
  4. prior to a new site being used by a PTE for the provision of study or training, the PTE must:
    1. For a new permanent site, seek NZQA approval:
    2. For a new temporary site, notify NZQA and provide relevant details:
  5. ensure the premises and sites it uses (including for any off-site learning) remain safe and adequate for the study or training provided, for its staff, for the number of students enrolled, for meeting students' specific needs:
  6. in other respects operate a safe and legally compliant environment, including (without limitation) the equipment it uses.


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