Student Fee Protection Rules 2022

12. Obligations of Suppliers

  1. Suppliers must:
    1. ensure that they meet all obligations under their Mechanisms, and in or under the Act, including under these Rules;
    2. where funds are held on behalf of Students, manage them prudently and in accordance with the law; and
    3. provide NZQA with the information described and pursuant to the timeframes in Appendix A, and any of that information outside of those timeframes when reasonably requested by NZQA.
  2. Without limiting a Supplier’s obligations under the Act to make refunds to Students withdrawing within the Refund Period, where -
    1. there is a voluntary closure or Course cessation by a Provider; or
    2. NZQA gives notice to the Supplier of a Course Closure Event - the Supplier must make Pro Rata Refunds to eligible Students.
  3. Where any payments out of a trust account leave a risk of a shortfall in the amount of a refund to a Student, the Supplier must have appropriate arrangements in place with the Provider or other person to cover that shortfall.


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