Student Fee Protection Rules 2022

4. Application of these Rules

  1. These Rules:
    1. apply to any person who receives money from a Student for the purpose of Enrolling, or helping a Student to Enrol, in a Course, including Providers, Agents and Suppliers;
    2. are in addition to the obligations of any Provider, Agent or Supplier under the student fee protection provisions in the Act;
    3. reinforce the requirements of section 356 of the Act for payment of Student Fees directly to, or for the deposit of sufficient money with, an Approved Independent Trustee; and
    4. do not alter the entitlements of any Provider to the relevant payment where a Student withdraws during the relevant Refund Period.
  2. In the following situations a Student must be treated as having withdrawn, within the Refund Period, from a Course in which the Student was Enrolled:
    1. where the Student fails to attend or participate in the Course; or
    2. where the Student attends or participates in the Course during the Refund Period, but stops attending or participating in the Course before the end of the Refund Period.
  3. Rule 4.2(b) does not apply where the Student attends or participates in that Course after the end of the Refund Period.


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