Student Fee Protection Rules 2022

Appendix A: Information Suppliers must hold and provide to NZQA

Rules 12.1(c), 13.1 & 13.5

  1. Following approval of a Mechanism by NZQA, the Supplier must hold at all times, in a format that allows it to be made readily available and readable, the following information by named Provider and for each Student of that Provider:
    1. Student name:
    2. Course start date:
    3. Course end date:
    4. Total monies paid (showing Tuition Fees and non-tuition fees and expenses separately):
    5. Percentage of tuition delivered against Tuition Fees remaining:
    6. Non-active accounts, being providers of the Supplier that are not using the Mechanism:
    7. Providers who have withdrawn from using the Mechanism or from the Supplier, or who have notified their intention to do so:
    8. In respect of static trusts and bank bonds, the maximum liability amount and supporting documentation.
  2. Where a Provider uses either a static trust or a bank bond as its Mechanism, the Supplier of that Mechanism to that Provider must supply to NZQA an attestation, as at the last day of February, May, August, and November of each year (supplied within 10 working days of the last days of those months), that contains the following information:
    1. the maximum liability amount required to be held (as defined in clauses 1.14 and 2.2 of Appendix B);
    2. notification of the amount protected by the Mechanism;
    3. confirmation of any drawdown requested where the amount notified under paragraph (b) exceeds the amount required to be held under paragraph (a); and
    4. confirmation of the completion of any top-up amount required to be paid by the Provider where the amount notified under paragraph (b) is less than the amount required to be held under paragraph (a).
  3. Where it appears to a Supplier, or comes to the attention of a Supplier, that a Provider may not be Compliant, the Supplier must notify NZQA as soon as reasonably practicable.


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