Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2022

9. Reconsideration of an EER report

  1. An institution may request a reconsideration of the statements of confidence reached by NZQA in a finalised report where the institution:
    1. sends the request in writing on the official letterhead of the institution and signed by its Chief Executive (or equivalent) and the request is received by NZQA no later than 10 working days after the finalised report has been sent to the institution;
    2. alleges there have been process failures in finalising the report, or errors of fact or judgement made in the finalised report;
    3. provides sufficient information and evidence to support the allegation, being information that the institution considers necessary to give a full understanding of the reasoning and circumstances leading to the request; and
    4. provides information which shows that during the process leading to the finalised report the institution had raised the allegation with NZQA.
  2. Where any request for reconsideration involves educational performance data, the reconsideration will only involve the data that were available to NZQA at the date the EER report was finalised.
  3. Where a request is received that meets the requirements of rule 9.1, NZQA will appoint an appropriately experienced reviewer who has not been involved in that EER of the institution to conduct the reconsideration and produce a reconsideration report.
  4. NZQA will attempt to reach agreement with the institution on the processes and timing towards finalising the reconsideration report.
  5. Where reasonable attempts have been made and agreement is unable to be reached under rule 9.4, NZQA will itself set the processes and timing towards finalisation of the reconsideration report and notify the institution.
  6. Subject to rule 9.7, once the reconsideration report is finalised and if it requires changes to be made to the EER report, the changed EER report will be provided to the institution prior to publication on the NZQA website.
  7. Where NZQA accepts for good reason that the processes and timing should be varied for the reconsideration report, NZQA may set new processes and timing for that report.


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