External Advisory Groups

The Technical Overview Group Assessment Committee (TOGA)

TOGA is an independent advisory group that advises NZQA and the Ministry of Education on NCEA, Scholarship and other assessment matters. TOGA members bring high levels of experience and expertise in the fields of education measurement and academic assessment.

Expert Group Assessment (EGA)

The EGA has been established to provide technical assessment advice to NZQA in our work to support the Ministry of Education’s Review of Achievement Standards and assessment changes arising from the NCEA Review.

Secondary Qualifications Advisory Group (SQAG)

The Secondary Qualifications Advisory Group provides sector advice to NZQA and the Ministry of Education on senior secondary qualifications, awards, and qualification pathways for secondary students, with particular focus on the National Certificates of Educational Achievement.

Māori Medium Secondary Qualifications Advisory Group (MMSQAG)

The Māori-medium Secondary Qualifications Advisory Group provides sector advice to NZQA and the Ministry of Education focusing on qualifications and assessment of 16-19-year olds in Māori-medium senior secondary and tertiary education.

Whakaruruhau Matua

Whakaruruhau assist Māori Qualifications Service staff in the development of Field Māori unit standards and mātauranga Māori qualifications.  Whakaruruhau provide expertise on specific field Māori developments and provide advice on maintaining the cultural integrity of the unit standards and qualifications during the development process.

Ngā Kaitūhono

This independent group is appointed to ensure that NZQA’s approach to Māori knowledge is compatible with Māori values, consistent with Māori expectations and complementary to other validation processes, including those that may be established by Māori.

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New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) Advisory Group

This group is comprised of Chief Executives and Academic Directors from a range of institutes of technology and polytechnics. The meeting provides a forum for discussion on a wide range of quality assurance and qualification-related issues relevant to the sector.

NZQA Taupulega

The NZQA Taupulega provides advice, guidance and support to enable NZQA to progress and achieve the goals of the Takiala Pasifika 2020-2023.

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