Quality Assurance Division

The Quality Assurance Division is responsible for:

  • quality assuring private training establishments, government training establishments, wānanga, transitional industry training organisations, and Te Pūkenga and its subsidiaries
  • making rules about qualifications, programmes, assessment standards, consent to assess against standards, training schemes and micro-credentials for tertiary education organisations
  • administering the New Zealand Qualifications Framework
  • administering the Codes of Practice for the Pastoral Care of international and domestic students
  • recognising qualifications gained overseas.

What we do every day

We use an evaluative approach to quality assuring tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and encourage continuous and effective self-assessment.

We routinely run the following quality assurance processes:

  • registering private training establishments
  • approving New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) qualifications for listing on the NZQF
  • approving programmes that lead to qualifications on the NZQF
  • granting accreditation to deliver approved programmes
  • assuring national consistency of graduate outcomes of NZQF qualifications
  • monitoring the delivery and assessment of approved programmes, diplomas and degrees
  • quality assuring assessment standards for listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards
  • granting consent to assess standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards
  • approving training schemes and micro-credentials
  • assessing each TEO’s educational performance and capability in self-assessment
  • detecting and analysing possible breaches of NZQA Rules and acting to address any confirmed breaches
  • assessing overseas qualifications and benchmarking them against the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Quality assurance for Mātauranga Māori providers

Mātauranga Māori evaluative quality assurance is integrated into the functions and processes of the Quality Assurance Division.

Our teams

The teams within the Quality Assurance Division include:

  • Approvals and Accreditation
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Assessment
  • Policy and International
  • Qualification Recognition Services
  • Quality Assurance Māori
  • Risk
  • Service Delivery
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