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2021 Digital Language Examinations – Listening Assessments
A2021/16 - 16 Jun 2021


Principal’s Nominee
Teachers of Chinese, Cook Islands Māori, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Lea Faka-Tonga, Samoan, Spanish, Te Reo Rangatira

2021 Digital Language Examinations – Listening Assessments

Audio file within the Digital Listening Assessments

In 2021, all digital language assessments against the listening achievement standards will include audio files. This means that a supervisor will no longer play listening assessment recordings centrally, but each student will control this themselves from their device.  As with the paper language examinations, the full passage for each question can be played once, and each section played twice. Students will have control over when they start listening to the full passage and each repeated section but will not be able to pause once a passage or section has started.

Digital Te Reo Rangatira Examinations voice-over function added

Digital Te Reo Rangatira Level 1-3 examinations will also include an additional voice-over function which covers instructions, questions, and resources (circular available here).

Headphones required

To play the audio files in any digital language examination and/or use the voice-over function in Te Reo Rangatira examinations, students will need to use headphones that are compatible with the device they are using. Students should test the headphones and confirm that they work before beginning the examination.

Spare headphones

It is recommended schools have some spare headphones available for Exam Centres to use as backup on the day. ‘In-ear’ headphones should only be used as a backup where they are brand new.

Samples available

The 2020 Level 1 examinations for each language have been modified so that students can become familiar with how the new audio file functions work. A modified 2020 Te Reo Rangatira Level 2 examination will be provided with the voice-over function. These modified examinations will be available at the start of Term 3. Once available, these past sample examinations can be found by searching in the Student Exam Hub on the NZQA website.



Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

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