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NZQA Assessor Support Update for internally assessed standards
A2021/13 - 17 May 2021


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NZQA Assessor Support update for internally assessed standards 

We are pleased to announce some significant changes to our assessor support options for internally assessed standards this year, following our recent review. This includes providing more online learning options and workshops now being free of charge. 

Online resources and workshops 

The first release of our online resources and workshops will be available from 14 May for assessors to access at any time, free of charge and with no completion requirements. The range has been expanded to include a new series of onlinebite-sized modules andshort courses’. They focus on a variety of subjects and standards, include several online Best Practice Workshops, and some generic modules. We will continue to expand the range over time, in response to sector feedback. 

Our Online Making Assessor Judgements workshops and the Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) programme will now also be free of charge. These workshops are collaborative and take place over several weeks. Assessors can self-enrol in the appropriate workshop to best suit their schedule. Online Making Assessor Judgements Best Practice Workshops continue to provide assessors with support to make and justify assessment decisions confidently and reliably, by examining real examples of student work.  

TAP is an online programme aimed at providing assessors with strategies to modify existing resources to better meet the needs of their learners, and to explore different and valid ways of collecting evidence.   

How to Access these  

These online support options will be available from 14 May on Pūtake, NZQA’s Learning Management System (LMS). Pūtake can be found at or using the links on our subject pages. 

Use your Education Sector Login (ESL) to access Pūtake once your school’s Education Sector Authoriser (ESA) has assigned you an NZQA LMS Teacher role. Your ESA can invite users who are not on your current school list. 

When you have access, you will be able to self-enrol in any course, choose which resources or activities are of most relevance to you, and work at your own pace to do as much as you need.   

Face-to-face Best Practice Workshops   

NZQA also offers a variety of face-to-face workshops and other presentation options designed to increase confidence when assessing against internal standards. We have heard that the registration fees for these can be a barrier for some, so from this year we will be providing a limited range of targeted workshops and speakers at no cost.  

These ‘on request’ workshops can be delivered as part of an organised meeting or event, or to an online audience via web conferencing. They can focus on specific subjects or provide more general information and advice about assessment. As they encourage change through practical activities and discussions with fellow participants, they provide a great opportunity to establish and maintain learning communities. Teachers rate these workshops very highly and many describe them as the best PLD opportunity available for assessors of internally assessed standards. 

If you would like to arrange a workshop or request a guest speaker, please visit our Assessor Support - Assessment and Moderation webpages for more information and an application form; or e-mail us at   

For workshop requests that qualify for being at no cost, the requestor will be informed on consideration of their application.  


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager. 

School Relationship Manager 
School Quality Assurance and Liaison 
Telephone: 04 463 3000 


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