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NZQA Best Practice Workshops – Assessment and Moderation
A2017/32 - 13 Dec 2017


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NZQA Best Practice Workshops – Assessment and Moderation

Assessment and Moderation will be implementing some changes to assessor support in 2018. This will provide greater flexibility around choice, mode of delivery, targeted support for workshops and to reduce cancellations due to low registrations.

This year we published a schedule for our workshops together with a draft schedule for 2018/2019.  The aim was to provide coverage for regions across subjects and over a three-year period. Because the number of registrations received across all regions in 2017 were minimal, only a very small number of face-to-face workshops went ahead. The number of online equivalents that ran were higher as they were not regionally based and open to all assessors.

We had more success with on-request options, which had a much higher uptake than previously. These included having a presenter speak to a regional or national group or attend as a group to a regional Cluster Day. On-request options allow for targeted support, which participant evaluations rated highly.

2018 Programme

Based on the 2017 learnings and consultation with Advisory Groups, the following changes will be made in 2018. All assessor support options will now appear under the ‘Best Practice Workshops’ page on the NZQA website. They will include the following options:

  1. Workshop or Presentation Slot (face-to-face or online, on request) – aimed at offering targeted assessment support,
  2. Cluster Meeting – (face-to-face or online, on request) aimed at offering a region the opportunity for targeted assessor support across a multitude of subjects;
  3. Making Assessor Judgements Workshops (face-to-face, on request) – aimed at raising assessor confidence in making judgements at the national standard;
  4. Making Assessor Judgements Workshops (online, scheduled). There will be ten online workshops scheduled in subjects with high historical demand; and
  5. Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) Programme (online, scheduled) – aimed at changing assessment resources to better meet the needs of students and exploring different ways of collecting student evidence

More information about these options may be found on the Best Practice Workshop Pages including how to register for scheduled options. These pages also include an A3 poster which may be used for display purposes.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

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