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Visual Arts External Level 3 and New Zealand Scholarship Portfolio Submissions
A2019/09 - 8 Jul 2019


Principal's Nominee
All teachers of Visual Arts

This circular provides information about:

  • Updated Authenticity Declarations for Visual Arts submission
  • Use of non-original material, including downloaded images, in submitted portfolios.

All candidates are required to complete an Authenticity Declaration as part of each portfolio submission for Level 3 and New Zealand Scholarship Visual Arts. The Authenticity Declaration is an undertaking from the candidate that the work in the portfolio is the candidate’s own, unless specifically declared by the candidate. Authenticity Declarations are to be completed electronically, then printed and signed.

For each portfolio submission, the Authenticity Declaration is required to be firmly glued to the back of the candidate portfolio prior to pick-up from the school. Candidates who submit a moving image portfolio must either include the Authenticity Declaration electronically in their submission or email it to Team Mailbox Secondary Examinations at NZQA.

Secondary Examinations email address:

Candidate Authenticity Declaration information and form

Updated Authenticity Declaration

The updated Authenticity Declaration aims to address the confusion about non-original images that form the basis of many candidates’ final submitted portfolios. It specifically addresses the need for transparency about sourced imagery that is not the candidate’s own.

Candidates are not required to identify artist models or any examples from established practice that have inspired their final images.

Candidates who have used downloaded imagery are strongly recommended to include a “Research Moodboard” at the top of the left-hand panel of their portfolio.

Use of non-original material

Any material that has been downloaded by the candidate and is used in its original form in any portfolio images must be referenced in the Authenticity Declaration. This includes URLs that link to the source material.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

Ruth Cameron
National Assessment Facilitator
Secondary Examinations
Telephone: 04 463 4370
Fax: 04 463 3113


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