Qualification assessment fees

All fees include GST (where applicable) and are subject to change.

International Qualification Assessment (IQA) fees

Note: add-ons can be added to your application up to 12 months after completion of your IQA.

International Qualification Assessment (IQA) fee

This is for the assessment of one qualification.

Teaching assessment add-on


(in addition to the IQA fee above)

Skill Shortage List assessment add-on


(in addition to the IQA fee above)

Pre-1998 qualification fee – this fee applies if you completed your qualification before 1998.

This is because the assessment of older qualifications requires more time and resources.


(in addition to the IQA fee above)

Review fees

The review fee is NZ$765.

If you want to appeal the outcome of your assessment, you need to apply for a review within 3 months of the published date on the recognition statement.

You can contact us to discuss the outcome of your recognition statement before deciding to submit a review.

Contact us about an IQA review

We will refund the review fee if there is a change to the outcome of the original recognition statement.

The review fee may be partially refunded if we determine that new information is available after the original assessment was completed.

How we assess overseas qualifications

Other fees

If you require a further administrative support, contact QRS. An administration fee of NZ$55 may apply in some cases.

You may also be required to pay services fees by third parties if we require further verification of your qualification. We will tell you if this is required.

Cancellations and refunds

Let us know in writing if you want to cancel your application.

If your application has not yet been processed, we will refund your application fee, minus a NZ$55 administration fee.

If your application is in progress you will not receive a refund.

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