Mau Rākau

Kia ora and welcome to the Mau Rākau Assessment Support Material.

These resources have been designed to assist teachers and tutors in assessing students against the relevant Mau Rākau unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

Alternatively they can be used as a guide to help assessors develop their own tasks and assessment schedules.

Video files for some of the unit standards are also available.  These video files are intended as a guideline for the performance assessment components of the Mau Rākau unit standards.

Students from Manaakitanga Aotearoa Trust and Western Heights High School are featured in this video. 

Special acknowledgement also goes to Tukiterangi Curtis, for his contribution.

Assessment Support Materials

Kaupae (Level) 1

 27546  Demonstrate knowledge of torotoro tinana  (Credits 5)


Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 364KB)

 27547  Identify ngā momo rākau whawhai  (Credits 6)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 359KB)


Demonstrate knowledge of tūwaewae  (Credits 10)


Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 366KB)

 Video Link

Kaupae 2


Demonstrate knowledge of, and perform, toroparawae  (Credits 10)


Ākonga Booklet

Video Link

Kaupae 3


Perform tikawe  (Credits 9)


Video Link

Kaupae 4

27549 Demonstrate knowledge of te taki (Credits 15)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 337KB)


Demonstrate knowledge of and perform ngā wāhanga o te taki  (Credits 15)


Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 364KB)

Video Link

Full set of Support Materials

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 2MB)

Assessor Booklet (PDF, 3.7MB)


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