Reviews and reconsiderations

You can apply for a review or reconsideration of your results for externally assessed NCEA standards and New Zealand Scholarship subjects. This page covers how to apply for an NCEA reconsideration or review for all subjects and levels.

Read more about New Zealand Scholarship reconsideration and reviews.

Apply for an NCEA review or reconsideration

After looking closely at your marked exams online or Level 3 Visual Arts Results Card or portfolios when they are available/returned in late January, you may want to apply for a review or reconsideration of your results.

If you think a standard that you completed is missing some or all of its content, or a grade score has been calculated or reported incorrectly, you will need to apply for a review. A review does not involve re-marking and there is no charge. 

If you would like your marked exam remarked, you will need to apply for a reconsideration. For standards where you've received your exam materials, you will need to include these in your application for a review or reconsideration.

You must not alter or add to your exam material or portfolios in any way. Exam materials or portfolios that contain correcting fluid or pencil will not be accepted for review or reconsideration. They may be investigated as a breach of exam rules.


Reconsiderations for NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts

We recommend that you get advice from your school before deciding whether to apply for a reconsideration in Visual Arts. 

You’ll need to provide printed 4xA4-size colour photographs, one of each panel of your portfolio and one of the entire board. Send these and your signed Authenticity Declaration to the address provided on the Reconsiderations section of your Student Login. Don’t attempt to email the photos as the files will be too big. 

If you’re applying for reconsiderations in more than one field or for both level 3 and Scholarship in the same field, a separate application should be completed online for each standard and separate photographs sent for each application.

Please note:

  • All marked NCEA standards completed on paper (for 2022 end of year exams) will be scanned and loaded onto your Student Login. Marked exams will not be returned in the mail.
  • Physically submitted Design and Visual Communication and Technology portfolios and folders are returned to the school.
  • Physically submitted Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts portfolios/workbooks are returned to students by mail.
  • Read more about the return of examination material.
  • You don't need to send in a copy of your marked exam for review or reconsideration if your marked exam is online.
  • If you're going to apply for a review of reconsideration, don't order your result documents until after that process has been completed.

NCEA Reviews

How to apply:

1. Download and print the personalised Request Review application form from your Student Login.

Note: The form won't be available until after marked materials are returned, or are available online. 

2. Read the instructions on the form and complete the relevant sections.

3. The form must be signed by the student or nominated person (if the latter, NZQA needs written advice from the student as authorisation).

4. If you are requesting a review for a standard where:

a) you completed the standard entirely online, submitted material digitally, or the scanned marked exam is online, then email your completed application form to

b) the booklet or materials have been physically returned to you then:

  • Send the completed application form together with your relevant marked exam answers, folders and/or portfolios to NZQA by the due date stated on the form
  • Provide the Results/Performance Summary Card where appropriate
  • Post your entire application so that it's received by Friday, 3 March 2023 to:
NCEA Reviews
PO Box 160

Note: Your application won't be processed if it isn't received by NZQA's due date, or if you apply for a review using a reconsideration application form. 

NCEA Reconsiderations

If you think your marked exam has not been marked correctly, you can apply for a reconsideration. This involves reassessing all answers in the marked exam using the original assessment schedule.

How to apply online for a reconsideration:

1. Log in to your Student Login and select Request Reconsideration for NZQA Examination Results. You will be instructed how to complete your application at each step. 

2. Where Visual Arts students are applying for reconsiderations in more than one field or for both NCEA level 3 and NZ Scholarship in the same field, a separate application should be completed online for each standard and separate photographs/authenticity declarations sent for each application.


1. The link won't be available until after marked exams have been made available to students (24 January 2023). 

2. Reconsiderations close on 3 March 2023. 

3. Your application won't be processed if it isn't received by NZQA's due date, or if you apply for a reconsideration using the review application form.


NCEA reconsiderations cost $20.40 for each standard. The fee for Design and Visual Communication (DVC), Technology and Visual Arts portfolios is $20.40 for each external achievement standard, not each portfolio.

Fees for reconsiderations will be waived for students:

  • whose parent or guardian (or a person with relevant care responsibilities) is receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit; or
  • where the family income would entitle the family to receive a community services card.

The reconsideration fee waiver application form is available through your Student Login. 

Additional fees may occur for the return of materials by courier. 

Where the reconsideration leads to a change of the final grade the application fee is refunded.

How long does a review or reconsideration take?

A review or reconsideration may take up to six weeks to process. If the outcome of your application might affect University Entrance, please let your chosen university know it may take six weeks for any updated results to become available.

You can monitor the status of your reconsideration request using the My Orders link in the Student Login main menu.

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