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30997: Read and understand a text on a familiar topic (EL)

Updated December 2019. This is a new document to address issues that have arisen from moderation.

Dictionary use (Guidance Information 8)

Learners may use a bilingual and/or a monolingual English dictionary, but not electronic devices, to help them read and understand the written texts. Monolingual dictionaries should be those designed for English language learners at level 3.

Abridged written texts (Guidance Information 11 (v))

Abridged versions of extended written texts could include graded readers used in an extensive reading programme. These are graded by vocabulary level. Readers with a vocabulary level of around 1800 – 2100 headwords would be appropriate for this level 3 standard. See the Graded Reader Equivalence Chart on the Extensive Reading Foundation website for guidance.

Vocabulary Levels (Guidance Information 11 (vi))

Guidance Information 11 (vi) indicates that the vocabulary of the text must be guided by the first 2000 words of the New General Service List  (NGSL). This means that most of the words will be within the first 2000 high frequency words. However, it is expected that texts will also include topic-specific and/or specialised vocabulary and fiction will include many proper nouns.

Assessors may find the NGSL Vocabulary Profiler or English Profile Text Inspectortools useful for analysing the vocabulary level of texts to confirm suitability.

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