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The links below will take you to resources that can be downloaded and used or adapted for use.  They can be used by assessors, and/or by other people involved in gathering learner evidence for assessment, for example teachers, tutors or workplace supervisors.

Assessed Work coversheets

The Assessed Work coversheet specific to Numeracy unit standard must be used with submissions for national external moderation.  This ensures necessary information about the activity and context is provided with the evidence for each learner, and requirements of the standard not generally visible within learner evidence are attested to by the assessor.  The Assessed Work cover sheet also specifies standard requirements and provides judgement statements.

Evidence from the Assessment Tool

The Assessment Tool measures aspects of a learner’s literacy and/or numeracy competency against the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions.  Information on how evidence from the tool can contribute to achieving the standards is available here.

Observation sheet

This optional observation sheet is a tool to assist in the capturing of learner evidence for standard 26627 Use measurement to solve problems.


These resources provide examples of activities and thematic learning modules that can be adapted to gather naturally occurring evidence.


The following four presentations cover:

  • An overview of the Literacy and Numeracy unit standards.
  • Key issues for assessment for the Literacy standards.
  • Key issues for assessment for the Numeracy standards.
  • Things to consider about moderation for Literacy and Numeracy standards.
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