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91284: Whakarongo kia mōhio ki te reo o te ao torotoro

Updated December 2017. The sections on the language for student responses and work for moderation have been updated.

Evidence requirements

Evidence of at least two listening tasks are required for this standard. The context and purpose of each task should be different to allow students to provide sufficient evidence of their ability to understand spoken te reo Māori.

The best two results will contribute to the final grade. Students must show they are consistently working at one performance level. For example, for Merit both samples need to be at Merit.

Task design

Modifying the assessment resources available on TKI will help to ensure students have the opportunity to give authentic responses. Modifications need to be more extensive than just changing details such as names of people and places.

Providing new material, rather than an event or context where the students already know the content and detail, will allow students to demonstrate their listening skills rather than their memory or prior knowledge.

The modified teacher transcript and fully developed evidence statements, providing the depth and detail of evidence that the assessor is expecting to see at each grade level, should be included for moderation.

All listening tasks should be clearly linked to assessing an achievement objective. The language of the listening texts needs to be at curriculum level 7, as text that is predominantly below this level will not provide sufficient evidence.

Language for student responses

As this standard assesses comprehension for second language learners of te reo Māori, student responses must be in English to show their understanding of the passage. This aligns with the current version (3) of the TKI, Vocational Pathways assessment resource activities and the Conditions of Assessment. The submitted assessment schedule must contain expected student responses for each level of achievement in English.

Work for moderation

The complete assessment resource activity is required for moderation. This includes the listening passages or URLs, tasks and completed assessment schedule, with fully developed evidence statements providing the depth and detail of evidence that the assessor is expecting to see at each grade.


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