Visual Arts - external exemplars Level 3 2019 - Photography

Show: External Exemplars

The resources below contain examples of candidate work submitted in 2019 for assessment for the Visual Arts Achievement Standard 91457 Produce a systematic body of work that integrates conventions and regenerates ideas within photography practice. The purpose of this resource is to assist art teachers prepare their teaching programmes and their students for assessment.


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Panel 1 (JPG, 339KB) Panel 2 (JPG, 364KB) Panel 3 (JPG, 340KB)
Entire Folio (JPG, 851KB)

Site-specific photography at the beginning of Panel 1 allows an authentic investigation into the narrative and conceptual theme based on the effects and impact waste will have on human beings. Connections between the site-specific documentation and isolated still-life objects frame and investigate the proposition in a clear direction. Many photographs explore the transitions between textures, close-ups, viewpoint, scale, and depth of field.

Fluency is shown by the technical competency of the candidate in their photographs, as well as the reflective advancement of ideas in order to create new work. Panel 2 successfully experiments with a range of new techniques and ideas to reflectively drive ideas forward.

There is a comprehensive engagement of study and ownership in the editing of photographs, and the ability to co-construct the phases of working demonstrate strength in analysis. All works are executed to a high level of technical consistency, showing a command over conventions, aesthetics and craft.

The work results from a thorough study and careful selection of ideas from a variety of contemporary photographers and, through the appropriate selection of artistic references, the candidate has been able to demonstrate a depth and range of picture-making ideas. A systematic methodology has connected the candidate's ideas and methods to provide a comprehensive portfolio.


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Panel 1 (JPG, 319KB) Panel 2 (JPG, 287KB) Panel 3 (JPG, 291KB)
Entire Folio (JPG, 708KB)

This submission is positioned in the mid-range of Achievement. There is evidence of a systematic body of work that demonstrates the candidate has established a clear proposition. The use of viewpoints, depth of field and framing throughout drive the investigation across all three panels with clear communication about the key concept: that we as humans are not looking after our natural world.

An overall understanding of the concept is portrayed as the submission shifts from a documentary proposition on Panels 1 and 2 to a more conceptually artist-involved intervention. The third panel holds the submission in a space where the body of work showcases ideas, but does not advance and deepen ideas to a Merit level

The candidate has demonstrated a good level of technical understanding and moving closer to specific detail has supported the overall direction of the portfolio. A consistent approach to print quality has been maintained throughout the submission.

Sequences of photographs are large and limited to investigating the site. Through smaller-sized passages of work, the candidate could have allowed greater opportunity for idea advancement. More evidence earlier on of natural / found plastic / pollution in the environment would have established a deeper understanding of the overarching theme, which would have been required for Achievement with Merit

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