External exemplars Level 2 2022 – Design

These portfolios present evidence that meets the criteria consistent with Level 7 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 2007. Criteria relate to the Visual Arts strands: understanding the arts in context; developing practical knowledge; developing ideas; communicating and interpreting.


Portfolio 1
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.3MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.5MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 858KB)
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Portfolio 1 has been verified as placed in the middle of the Achieved grade range as it clearly fulfills the criteria by:

  • Showing an application of a number of design conventions such as text, image, and compositional elements within the poster and information booklet.
  • Design options which are selected within the conventions of each specific brief.
  • The use of own imagery, specifically digital drawing, with a range of applications is evident.
  • Design conventions which are appropriate to each brief e.g. the poster has a heading and information text, hierarchy of text is evident, booklet shows limited understanding of gutters and text columns.
  • A design proposition which is set early within the submission (style and genre).
  • A defined colour palette which is used consistently throughout the submission.

To be awarded Merit, it would need to: better identify the options on Panel 1 to advance ideas within the infographic, information, and booklet layout; provide more evidence of development in Panel 2, in terms of the placement and use of typography, specifically in the information booklet and infographic guide; and to generate additional source material, to avoid repetition within Panel 2.


Portfolio 2
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.2MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.2MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 691KB)
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Portfolio 2 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Merit grade range as it clearly fulfils the criteria by:

  • Purposeful use of media, techniques, and successful use of design elements. This approach remains consistent throughout the portfolio.
  • Use of collage compositions in Panel 1 and use of collage elements consistently to underpin the submission.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the conventions of typography within each brief and uses this successfully within each element of the submission.

To be awarded Excellence, it would need more evidence of: further exploration in regeneration within the design brief; collage propositions extended to include the use of own imagery; convention of typography investigated further and developed; and design elements of shape, line, and compositional devices tested and successful additional options explored.


Portfolio 3
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.3MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.4MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 729KB)
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Portfolio 3 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Excellence grade range as it clearly fulfills the criteria by:

  • The use of a wide range of appropriate design conventions specific to each brief.
  • Quickly establishing the design proposition with fluency, extending and building options further in each brief.
  • A range of image and text relationships being explored, and the selection and advancement of the best option being selected with confidence.
  • Evidence of further regeneration of design elements.
  • The application of consistent design style.
  • Playful regeneration of text and image.


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