External exemplars Level 2 2022 – Printmaking

These portfolios present evidence that meets the criteria consistent with Level 7 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 2007. Criteria relate to the Visual Arts strands: understanding the arts in context; developing practical knowledge; developing ideas; communicating and interpreting.


Portfolio 1
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.4MB)  Panel 2 (JPG, 1.7MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 992KB)
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Portfolio 1 has been verified as placed in the middle of the Achieved grade range as it clearly fulfils the criteria by:

  • Presenting a systematic body of work that develops clearly as shown through the narrative. The development shows the boy becoming a cartoon character, entering the story and engaging with another character. This folio establishes these ideas throughout Panel 1, showing further development on Panel 2. The student has progressed their pictorial investigation in a clearly ordered way.
  • Successfully using a range of printmaking techniques: photo transfer, dry point etching and collagraph. The student has made multiple print blocks and printed them successfully, enabling the narrative to unfold.
  • Showing competency in working with their chosen printmaking processes, sufficiently well to achieve at level 7 of the curriculum. The student shows consideration of tone, line, mark making, texture, scale, colour, and compositional arrangements to express their idea. Some prints show greater control and understanding of process, media, and techniques than others, but the student has produced a successful body of work overall.

To be awarded Merit, the submission would need more evidence of: higher levels of control and technical facility when printing the blocks; work on Panel 2 showing greater development and in particular, extension of ideas; greater evidence of purposeful decision making; exploration of further potential in the story itself, or by making new works to show decision-making that reflects successful use of processes, techniques and pictorial concerns. The student has explored a range of approaches to composition across the folio, and these hold potential for extension to be shown.


Portfolio 2
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.7MB)  Panel 2 (JPG, 1.5MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 900KB)
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Portfolio 2 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Merit grade range as it clearly fulfils the criteria by:

  • Competently and purposefully using a range of techniques including photo transfer, chine colle’, collage, mono-printing, woodcut, and various combinations of these processes to create multi-layered imagery.
  • Showing extension of ideas across the submission linked to concept and in the pictorial exploration. The work begins with the figure in space, with a focus on self-expression linked to cultural imagery and gestures. Throughout the folio the student explores these ideas in a range of ways. Compositions on Panel 2 show pictorial extension within the student’s compositions through scale play, overlaying imagery, and purposeful use of colour.
  • Purposefully creating a range of different print blocks throughout the pictorial investigation. This is aided by the student having generated their own original photos as source material for the printmaking proposition.

To be awarded Excellence, the folio would need more evidence of technical fluency, showing greater understanding within the printmaking conventions being used; regeneration of ideas, beyond extended pictorial play. Throughout the folio, the candidate is exploring viewpoint, space, line, shape, colour, layering, and personal and cultural imagery in very purposeful ways. On Panel 2, the candidate would need to show decision-making that recognises their most successful use of processes, techniques, and compositional conventions, and to then use these to drive the investigation in a new direction.


Portfolio 3
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.3MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.6MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 849KB)
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Portfolio 3 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Excellence grade range as it clearly fulfils the criteria by:

  • Setting the proposition early, effectively working in drawing and printmaking media to generate, develop and extend ideas by the bottom of Panel 1. This allows for continued extension and regeneration of ideas to be shown convincingly on Panel 2.
  • Showing fluency using a wide range and combination of printmaking techniques: pronto plate/woodcut, photo-release, and dry point etching.
  • Exploring the idea of mental health related to struggles of eating disorders and body image using a varied and wide range of compositional ideas. Ideas are regenerated by successfully re-using pictorial devices introduced on Panel 1 in fresh ways on Panel 2.
  • Deliberately employing imagery that clearly conveys the thematic ideas, and which drives forward the emotional content being expressed.
  • Using colour very selectively, in a way that shows highly purposeful decision-making, and which successfully adds to the impact of the proposition.
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