External exemplars Level 2 2022 – Sculpture

These portfolios present evidence that meets the criteria consistent with Level 7 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 2007. Criteria relate to the Visual Arts strands: understanding the arts in context; developing practical knowledge; developing ideas; communicating and interpreting.


Portfolio 1
Panel 1 (JPG, 1MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.1MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 526KB)
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Portfolio 1 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Achieved grade range as it shows clear evidence of:

  • Systematic development: An exploration of hunting, both in the context of man against animal and within the animal kingdom, has formed a framework for this sculptural investigation. Ideas are developed through maquettes which inform larger studies, and through the manipulation of a range of found objects. The use of colour has moved the work forward methodically.
  • The use of art-making conventions: Diorama is introduced early on Panel 1, establishing an exploration of scale which is revisited through the large trap work at the bottom of Panel 1 and throughout Panel 2. Casting and deconstruction are also explored within the body of work.
  • The use of media and techniques are appropriate to purpose: Plaster has been used as a casting material, card is utilised in constructions of varying scales, and found objects have been used and revisited through the addition of colour.




Portfolio 2
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.3MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.6MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 852KB)
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Portfolio 2 has been verified and placed in the middle of the Merit grade range as it shows clear evidence of:

  • Purposeful development to extend ideas: A purposeful investigation into environmental concerns is introduced on Panel 1 and is extended through a range of media across the submission. Issues around overpopulation feature in the second half of the submission, as do materials considerations in relation to natural resources. A competent understanding of established practice is evident in the final series of work as it clearly reflects a study of the work of both Antony Gormley and Doh Ho Suh.
  • Understanding art-making conventions: A range of technical approaches to sculptural investigations have been explored. While the ideas frame the investigation, the choice of media, scale, and documentation context, further advance these ideas with purpose.
  • Media and techniques used competently and with purpose throughout the submission: The use of clay as a material is seen as a direct reference to earth through the series of works exploring the globe on Panel 1. This material exploration is competently extended by using multiple figures on Panel 2, and their subsequent reintroduction to the land.



Portfolio 3
Panel 1 (JPG, 1.1MB) Panel 2 (JPG, 1.3MB)
Entire portfolio (JPG, 656KB)
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Portfolio 3 has been verified and placed in the lower end of the Excellence grade range as it shows clear evidence of:

  • Fluent decision-making within a clearly defined proposition, and a reflection and evaluation that fluently drives the development and regeneration of ideas. The negative impact of technology is explored through a broad selection of sculptural approaches, each used assuredly, and appropriate to the specific phases of the investigation.
  • Critically selected and clarified decisions in relation to art making conventions. Found objects are used to frame the initial exploration which moves through model-making and scale shift in Panel 1. Ideas are then reflected on and critically explored through smaller scale studies, before being regenerated in the form of performance-based practice in Panel 2.
  • A range of media and techniques to drive ideas forward while allowing works to move in new and diverse directions. Approaches are engaged with assuredly, offering scope for ideas to be revisited and critically explored through the introduction of new practices. The use of colour and familiar imagery to support sequencing and the visual linking of works is a strength of this submission. The yellow moves through a variety of practices, from one viscous substance to another.

In order to be placed more securely within the Excellence grade range, the technical finish of some of the works needed to be more fluent and assured, e.g. the hand and phone work at the bottom of Panel 1 and the small figure model early in the submission.

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