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This explains the reconsideration process for the following Visual Arts standards:

Level 3

91455 (Design), 91456 (Painting), 91457 (Photography), 91458 (Printmaking), 91459 (Sculpture)


93307 (Design), 93306 (Painting), 93310 (Photography), 93309 (Printmaking), 93308 (Sculpture)

Instructions for applying for a review or reconsideration for Visual Arts

Review of Level 3 or Scholarship Visual Arts

If your grade differs from the one on your Performance Summary Card (which you will receive with your package of booklets), you can apply for a review of your grade.

To apply for a review:

  1. Download and print the personalised Request Review application form from your Learner Login. (Please note that the application form will not be available until after papers have been returned to candidates in late January).
  2. Read the instructions on the form and complete the relevant sections. The form must be signed by the candidate or nominated person. (Note: where an application is made by a nominated person, NZQA will require appropriate written advice from the candidate as authorisation).
  3. Include the performance summary card for which you are requesting a review.
  4. Post your entire application by Friday 26 February 2021 to:
NCEA Reviews
PO Box 160

Reconsideration of Level 3 or Scholarship Visual Arts

  1. Log in to your Learner login page and complete the reconsideration application
  2. You will need to provide 3xA4-size colour photographs, one of each panel of your portfolio.
  3. Send these, and your signed Authenticity Declaration, to the address provided on the Reconsiderations section of your learner login. Do not attempt to email the photos as the files will be too big.

Deadlines for applications

Applications close on Friday 26 February 2021 for level 3 and Friday 5 March 2021 for Scholarship.

Candidates are advised to seek advice from their school before deciding whether to apply for a reconsideration in Visual Arts.

Reconsiderations should be applied only where there is such a significant difference between the expectations of the candidate’s school and the candidate’s final result that all parties suspect that an assessment or processing error may have occurred. The candidate’s Visual Arts teacher can advise whether there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that an error has occurred and whether it is worthwhile paying for a reconsideration.

Where candidates are applying for reconsiderations in more than one field or for both level 3 and Scholarship in the same field, a separate application should be completed online for each standard and separate photographs/authenticity declarations sent for each application.

How long does it take?

A review or reconsideration may take up to six weeks to process from the date your materials and payment are received at NZQA. If the outcome of your application might affect University Entrance, please let your chosen university know it may take six weeks for any updated results to become available.

You can monitor the status of your reconsideration request using the My Orders link in the Learner Login main menu.

Other useful links

For further information on how to apply for an NCEA reconsideration and review for all other subjects, see Reviews and reconsiderations.

Refer to Scholarship Results Publication for information regarding New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations and reviews.

For information on the rules relating to reviews and reconsiderations, see Assessment and Examination Rules for Schools.


Please refer any enquiries to: 
Data Management and Learner Records

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