Applying for NCEA Level 2 aligned with a Vocational Pathway in a tertiary education organisation

Tertiary education organisations can develop and submit an application to offer learners National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 2 aligned with a Vocational Pathway, in a particular area(s).

Vocational Pathways include assessment standards (unit and achievement standards) recognised by the relevant industry or sector as useful for employees in that industry or sector.

The Vocational Pathways sectors are:

Construction and Infrastructure  
Creative Industries  
Manufacturing and Technology  
Primary Industries  
Service Industries  
Social and Community Services  

Applications for NCEA Level 2 aligned to a Vocational Pathways must meet the requirements for the Vocational Pathways award.

Developing an application for NCEA Level 2 aligned with a Vocational Pathway

When developing a Vocational Pathway aligned application consider:

  • who the pathway is targeting
  • who is eligible to enrol in the Vocational Pathway aligned programme
  • how the pathway will be delivered
  • how learners will be assessed
  • how components of the learning and assessment will be integrated
  • what educational and employment pathways will be available to learners after completion.

As part of developing the application to NZQA, complete:

NZQA needs all of these documents as part of an application to approve a NCEA Level 2 aligned with a Vocational Pathway.

Submitting an application to offer NCEA Level 2 aligned with a Vocational Pathway

To use TEO applications:

  1. Log in using the log-in supplied by MoE.
  2. Choose ‘TEO Applications’.
  3. Create an application.
  4. Scroll down to ‘Other’ and click open.
  5. Include the words ‘Vocational Pathway’ in the title of the application.
  6. Complete the information about your organisation. The contact details page will be pre-populated with your organisation’s contact details. Make any changes necessary to ensure the details are appropriate for the application.
  7. Enter the description of the application and upload all supporting evidence in a PDF format.
  8. Submit your application.

What supporting evidence to submit

Supporting evidence must include:

  • A completed NZQA Vocational Pathway Application form
  • A copy of the Profile Builder (one for each Vocational Pathway in the application)
  • A completed programme design self-review form.

Other supporting evidence may include:

  • Timetables
  • Staff details e.g. CVs
  • Off-site/workplace delivery documents
  • Evidence of current resources
  • Student handbook

Contact Approvals and Accreditation for any further assistance or guidance.

Further information

For more information on recognised assessment standards for each sector and the tools for developing a pathway, see the Guidance for Education Providers page on the Youth Guarantee website.

For assessment support material for standards used in Vocational Pathways see Vocational Pathways Assessment Support Material (ASM).

See also the literacy and numeracy requirements for NCEA.

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