Listing assessment standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards

Standard-setting bodies (SSBs) are responsible for the quality of assessment standards submitted to Approvals and Accreditation for listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

Assessment standards include achievement and unit standards.

Unit standard review support package

A review support package is available on request from Client Services if a standard-setting body is planning a review of unit standards.

We recommend that you request this information well before you plan to start consultation.

The review support package consists of:

  • Electronic versions of the unit standards to be reviewed
  • Qualification Impact Report - an Excel workbook with spreadsheets of NZQF national qualifications that might be affected by the review:
    • By specific unit standards
    • By the subfields or domains in elective sets
  • Provider Impact Report - a text file that lists all organisations that have consent to assess against the standards that might be affected by the review:
    • Field
    • Subfield
    • Domain
    • Specific unit standard
  • Draft Change Report, with current unit standard details in the summary table. For a copy of these review reports see Qualifications and assessment standards approvals.

Click here to Request a review support package.

Applying to list assessment standards

To apply to list standards submit an application online using the “Other” category and write in the type of application (e.g. assessment standard).

The application should contain all the required information specified in the Guidelines for listing assessment standards and consent and moderation requirements on the Directory of Assessment Standards effective from 1 January 2017, a completed application form (DOCX, 60KB), and a completed checklist for the evaluation of unit standards (DOCX, 1.1MB).

An application may be for new or reviewed standards.

If the standard has been reviewed a completed assessment standard change report (DOC, 54KB), outlining the changes must be submitted and will be published with the current version of the standard template (DOCX, 23KB).

Using macrons

For instructions on how to add macrons, see Keyboard setup for macrons for Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10.

Adding to and changing the classification system

For more information see the Additions and changes to the classification system page.

Listing of Australian units of competency

For more information see the Listing of Australian units of competency page.

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