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Programmes leading to level 7 diplomas

This page describes the quality assurance processes for tertiary education organisations who seek to provide Level 7 Diploma programmes that allow learners to achieve qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

NZQA is developing new guidelines. Before starting the work, talk to Approval and Accreditation contact person for your education organisation (listed under 'NZQA Contacts' on the TEO profile). 

Level 7 diplomas may be listed as New Zealand qualifications. If the intent is to do so, please refer to the Guidelines for approval of New Zealand qualifications at levels 1–6 for listing on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (PDF, 439KB).

Similar to degree and related qualifications, Level 7 diplomas integrate the qualification and the programme. An application for approval needs to include details of the qualification to be listed on the NZQF and the programme of study or industry training. 

Monitoring Level 7 diplomas

Once a Level 7 diploma is approved, it will initially be monitored by an external NZQA-appointed monitor.

For guidance on this see the Guidelines for monitoring programmes leading to diplomas, degrees and related qualifications at levels 7 to 10 (PDF, 284KB).

Guidelines for programme approval and accreditation of Level 7 diploma programmes

NZQA has developed Guidelines for programme approval and accreditation of Level 7 diploma programmes for tertiary education organisations other than universities (PDF, 438KB).

These guidelines explain the requirements and information that tertiary education organisations (other than universities) need to apply for:

  • Approval of programmes of study leading to a Level 7 Diploma qualification listed on the NZQF
  • Accreditation of a tertiary education provider to deliver the level 7 programme.

Te Hono o Te Kahurangi

Te Hono o Te Kahurangi is the name of the Mātauranga Māori quality assurance (MM EQA) criteria that assesses how well, and to what extent, organisations are contributing to education outcomes of ākonga, whānau, hapū, iwi and, where relevant, hapori Māori and industry stakeholders.

Using the evaluative approach

Approving a Level 7 diploma

Accreditation to provide Level 7 diplomas

Making changes to approved Level 7 diplomas

Agreements between organisations

Rules and legislation for approval and accreditation


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