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Term Description
Achievement standard A coherent set of learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria, together with technical and management information that supports delivery and assessment; achievement standards specify three different standards of performance and the method of assessment, which may include national external assessment.
Assessment standard The collective term for unit standards and achievement standards listed on the NZQA Directory of Assessment Standards.
Components Parts of a programme (or training scheme), which together make up a coherent arrangement of learning or training. Components include projects, papers, courses, modules, practicum and skill and assessment standards.
New Zealand certificate or diploma A qualification that meets the requirements for listing on the NZQF at Levels 1-6.
Programme (approved) An approved programme is a coherent arrangement of learning or training that is based on clear and consistent aims, content, outcomes and assessment practices, which leads to a qualification listed on the NZQF.
Qualification Formal certification for a given purpose of the achievement of specified learning outcomes to a given standard.
Qualification strand A specialisation within a qualification that represents a major component of the qualification, and is at the level of the qualification. Strands are documented through strand-specific outcomes in the graduate profile.
Quality assurance body NZQA or New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (also known as Universities New Zealand).
Stakeholders Individuals, groups, or organisations with an interest (or ‘stake’) in the outcome of a qualification.
Transitional industry training organisation A former industry training organisation having responsibility for setting standards and arranging the delivery of industry training for a specific industry or area of industry identified in a Tertiary Education Commission gazette notice.
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