Managing missed assessment opportunities and late submission of student work

School policies and processes on assessment opportunities should include management of:

Definition of a missed or late assessment

A missed assessment opportunity is one where a student has been a participant in the learning but has not been able to complete or submit the assessment on the due date.

The late submission of an assessment occurs where this student requests the ability to submit after the due date. 

The school needs a process to manage these situations. The process should identify and clearly communicate:

  • whether the reason for the student not providing work on the due date is acceptable under their missed or late assessment policy
  • what the possible responses are for each situation
  • that an appeal process is available to students, including timeframes, to ensure that assessment decisions are timely.

How to manage a missed or late assessment

When deciding whether the reason for a missed assessment or late submission is acceptable or not, principles to consider are:

  • equity
  • fairness to other students and to the individual
  • assuring the authenticity of the work submitted
  • what proof the school requires as evidence.

Examples of acceptable reasons could include:

  • illness, accident, bereavement, or family crisis
  • timetabled school activities, such as, school camps, field trips, etc.
  • sporting or other fixtures where a student is required to represent the school
  • national or regional representation in sport or other activities
  • at the school’s discretion where approval is sought and given at an appropriate time prior to the due date.

Where the reason is acceptable to the school, possible responses are for the school to:

  • extend the due date, or negotiate an earlier date for submitting the work
  • provide the student with a further assessment opportunity where practicable
  • withdraw the entry
  • consider other student evidence that could inform a grade.

Where the reason is unacceptable, our rules require that the school report a Not Achieved result to NZQA.

Ways to support student access to credible assessment

Schools can support fair and credible student access to assessments by considering:

  • signposting approximate due dates early in a course and the school assessment calendar
  • providing a clear description of its processes for managing missed assessment opportunities or late submission of student work and reasons for approving student requests
  • regularly discussing with students and their whānau what might constitute acceptable reasons for missing an assessment or submitting work late, including what supporting documentation or evidence is needed
  • making sure that the teachers and students clearly understand the school’s definition of missed and late assessment
  • considering issues of equity and authenticity in deciding how the student could be assessed where the school approves their missed or late assessment request
  • keeping records of all steps taken, from application through to appeal, to ensure transparency of process and check that policy and process is being followed. 
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