Request to change examination centre

The enrolment information in the 1 September data file establishes the examination centre for candidates. There may be unique circumstances, such as selection for national representation, that require a candidate to request a change in their examination centre.

Schools should contact their School Relationship Manager if unsure that a student's reason for requesting a change is acceptable.

Request form

Requests to change examination centre must be made to NZQA by the Principal's Nominee of the home school using the Request to change examination centre form (XLSX, 58KB).

Section One of this form needs to be completed and then sent to the Principal's Nominee of the proposed new examination centre.

Before agreeing to host the transferring student, the Principal's Nominee of the proposed new examination centre must check to ensure:

  • their examination centre is holding examination sessions at the times of the transferring students examinations
  • the examination sessions can accommodate any special requirements e.g. the audio components of  language and music examinations or any special assessment conditions the student may be entltled to
  • space is available in the examination room(s)
  • no additional supervisors are required to accommodate the student for any session.

Note: If the proposed change would create a new exam session or require additional supervision the request may be declined or NZQA may seek reimbursement of any actual and reasonable costs in setting up a new session.

The Principal's Nominee of the proposed new examination centre must then complete Section Two of the request form and email copies of this to the Principal's Nominee of the student's home school and to NZQA (  

Requests for changes will not be processed until after 15 September.

The Principal’s Nominee of the home school and the proposed new examination centre must liaise with their Examination Centre Managers to ensure they are aware of the candidates change of examination centre.

Student must be told who they will contact when they turn up at the new examination centre and that they must have their admission slip and some form of photo ID with them.

Principal's Nominees must not ask Examination Centre Managers to send personalised examination papers between examination centres. To do so would put the security of external exams at risk and is considered a breach of the rules.  Examination papers for a student changing examination centres will not be personalised.

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