Myth # 5: Further assessment opportunity

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  • "NZQA requires that a further assessment opportunity be offered for all standards that are assessed."

  • "If you offer a further assessment opportunity for a standard, you must offer it for all standards."

  • "A student cannot be awarded anything higher than Achieved for a further assessment opportunity."

  • "You can offer more than one further assessment opportunity for the assessment of a standard."

  • "A further assessment opportunity can only be offered when the student has received a ‘Not achieved’ grade."

  • "If a further assessment opportunity is offered to one student, all students must undertake the assessment."


  • Only one further assessment opportunity for each standard can be offered in a year.
  • Schools can decide whether a further assessment opportunity is offered for any standard. It must be a manageable and practical decision for the school and it can be on a standard by standard basis. Students must be told upfront whether a further assessment opportunity is available for a standard.
  • The further assessment opportunity can only be offered after further learning has taken place.
  • A different activity or task must be offered for the further assessment opportunity.
  • The further assessment opportunity must be offered to all students entered for that standard in that course, regardless of the grade that they achieved. Students do not need to take up the opportunity.
  • A student must have access to all grades – Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit or Excellence - whether it is their first or subsequent attempt at the standard.
  • The highest grade from either assessment opportunity is reported.
  • Students can have one resubmission opportunity for each assessment – see Myth Buster #4.

More Information

Assessment Opportunities in Schools

Some other things to think about

  • When determining whether or not to offer one further assessment opportunity, you should consider:
    • validity and fairness
    • student and teacher workload
    • whether the student has provided other authentic evidence elsewhere
    • your school’s assessment policy
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