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SAC and External Assessment (Exams)

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Attaching SAC entitlements to exam sessions

Schools must attach students’ SAC entitlements to each exam session to ensure that these entitlements are provided during the exams. This is a fundamental prerequisite for the Exam Centre Manager’s planning. The process is in the SAC Online Submission Guide at SAC forms and guides.

Note: the MCAT (91027) is an external assessment but as it is not timetabled into the end of year exam sessions it is not included with the other Level 1 Maths standards. Schools must still provide SAC including the option for extra time of 10 minutes to replace using a Writer or Computer. 

External standard entries

The process to attach a student’s SAC entitlements to external exam sessions can only start once the external exam entries have been submitted to NZQA by the school. These entries should be done as early as possible in the year. Further details can be found at SAC Timeline

Consult students

Consult each SAC student about their SAC preferences for each exam session and record their decisions.

Extra Writing Time option

For certain exam sessions, a SAC student may opt for Extra Writing Time to replace the use of a Writer or Computer. See Extra Writing Time Option for the list of exam sessions that this applies to. This only applies if the student has entered for three NCEA standards or is entered for Scholarship.

This is not for students using a Computer as a result of the Computer Notification process.

Amending SAC exam attachments

SAC entitlements that have been attached to a student’s exam session can be amended. The process is in the SAC Online Submission Guide at SAC forms and guides.

However late amendments (i.e. in Term 4) affect the Exam Centre Manager’s ability to plan for rooms, supervisors and exam assistants, so any changes should be discussed with the Exam Centre Manager beforehand.

Late exam entries

Any late exam entries submitted for students with SAC entitlements will need to have the entitlements attached to the relevant exam session. This is not an automatic process but must be completed for each such standard.

Exam assistants (Readers/Writers/Typists)

See Assessment and Exam Assistants for information about their role.

Computer setup for exams

See Use of a computer for external assessment (exams) for the set up requirements for computers in exams.

Guidelines for SAC provision in digital exams and CATs

Schools should carefully consider whether Digital Exams are appropriate for SAC students dependent on their specific circumstances and resourcing/logistical implications.

For the MCAT, SAC must be provided, including the option of 10 minutes of extra writing time to replace the use if a writer or computer if requested. 

See Guidelines for SAC provision in digital exams and CATs

Principal’s Nominees responsibilities for SAC during exams

Principal’s Nominees should liaise regularly with the SENCO and Exam Centre Manager to ensure that all exam processes for SAC students run smoothly.

Principal’s Nominees have a responsibility to ensure that the students who use computers do so according to NZQA requirements. See Use of a computer for external assessment (exams) for further information.



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