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SAC– Information for Parents and Caregivers

How are submissions for SAC made to NZQA?

Schools make submissions to NZQA for SAC on behalf of students. There is no charge for this process. Students give the school signed approval before the school sends the submission to NZQA.

NZQA does not require independent reports from professionals to support a SAC submission in most cases. However, if already available, these are useful for the school to have.

The school can gather information in a number of ways to help decide whether SAC is appropriate for a student and to use as evidence to support a SAC submission to NZQA.

Examples include:

  • the student’s history of learning support provided at school
  • comments and observations from teachers, the student and their parents
  • any medical or other report provided by the student or their parents
  • the result of any testing done by the school (e.g. reading and writing tests)
  • the result of any trials of SAC

NZQA assessors may approve, amend or decline all or any of the SACs requested for your child on the basis of the information provided. Schools may appeal declined SACs if more information can be provided to support reconsideration. Approval means students are entitled to use the SAC for internal and external assessment for that year. SAC may be declined when:

  • another approved SAC fulfils the need, or
  • the information provided does not show the need, or
  • the SAC requested would confer an advantage to the applicant.
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