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Rolling over SAC entitlements

The school consults with the student and decides whether to roll over or change their SAC entitlement for the new year. The complete SAC Online Submission Guide can be found at SAC Forms and Guides.

Step 1: Conduct a SAC needs analysis for each SAC student

  • From this decide whether:
    (i) the student still needs the previously approved entitlements
    (ii) their entitlements need to be modified
    (iii) the student’s assessment load needs to be changed (the number and nature of standards).
  • A needs analysis could comprise:
    (i) an interview with the student
    (ii) reviewing the student’s actual use of SAC for assessments
    (iii) reviewing comments from teachers, assistants and parents
    (iv) further testing if needed. NZQA does not require re-testing or the submission of further evidence for previously approved SAC entitlements.

Step 2: Confirm the rollover status with the student

  • Note the rollover decision in the student’s record. Best practice is to have signed confirmation from the student.

Step 3: Complete the rollover process

  • Consult the Guide to understand how to access rollovers and change applications.
    There are 3 choices:
    (i) Special Assessment Conditions are confirmed as for previous year. This will roll existing SAC entitlements over with no changes.
    (ii) Changes are required to Special Assessment Conditions from previous year. This will create a new draft application for the current year which contains previously submitted evidence and entitlements. This draft can now be amended with the changes required and submitted to NZQA for consideration.
    (iii) Learner has left school or does not require Special Assessment Conditions anymore. SAC entitlements will not roll over to the current year.

 Step 4: Students who transfer schools

  • If you are aware that a student has moved to another school, email with the details of the transfer and this will be actioned.
  • If a student who enrols at your school claims to have had a previous SAC entitlement at another school, email with their details, and the submission and entitlements will be transferred to your school SAC list.
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