External evaluation and review

External evaluation and review (EER) is an essential component of NZQA’s evaluative quality assurance framework.

Te Hono o Te Kahurangi

Education organisations that provide training in mātauranga Māori or use kaupapa Māori may prefer the Te Hono o Te Kahurangi approach to an EER.

For more information see the Te Hono o Te Kahurangi page.

TEO self-assessment

Self-assessment is the basis of the EER process and is required under the Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2021.

Each TEO needs to undertake self-assessment before an EER so they can measure and improve their organisational performance and educational outcomes.

Embedding the cycle of self-assessment in a TEO will allow for continuous improvement.

For more information and resources see the Self-assessment page.

The self-assessment cycle

The self-assessment process is a cycle that feeds the next round of self-assessment.

NZQA has some resources that can help TEOs at different points of the cycle.

self assessment cycle

Guide for external evaluation and review

NZQA has a guide to EER for those who take part in or are interested in the EER process.

EER schedule

See the current EER schedule

EER reports

NZQA publishes the reports from EERs, with ratings and the TEO’s category.

Find the current EER reports.

Further information

If you have any questions about a specific and scheduled EER, please contact your assigned Lead Evaluator or the Manager Evaluation at NZQA.

If you want to know more about the EER process, please review the Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2021 which provide the regulatory foundation.

If the Rules do not answer your question, please email the External Evaluation and Review team at eer@nzqa.govt.nz.

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