Evaluation indicators for transitional ITOs

Appendix 1: Design of the evaluation indicators for transitional ITOs

The indicators for transitional ITOs have been developed using systems modelling research.

The indicators have also been informed by a review of research on: the training that individual transitional ITOs organise, policy settings, and market and customer satisfaction.

The  Skills and Training Survey 2007 (Industry Training Federation and Business NZ, 2008) identified important issues about the:

  • extent to which training is leading to qualifications
  • perceptions about transitional ITO performance held by their industries
  • extent to which industries feel they are adequately supported by their transitional ITOs
  • extent to which industries turn to providers other than transitional ITOs for training advice and organisation
  • perceived utility and relevance of transitional ITO arranged training.

The'“High Performance' reports and surveys being progressively undertaken by the Industry Training Federation will also assist transitional ITO self-assessment in terms by suggesting areas where quality improvements can be made.

Transitional ITOs can use research to:

  • reflect on the value and effectiveness of the training approaches chosen
  • clarify what is good practice in process and procedure e.g. qualification design, moderation, and work-based pedagogy
  • manage their work to complement the wider operational environments of workplaces, and enable their role in industry and skills leadership.
  • identify broader issues e.g. state of the labour market, societal and economic trends, technological developments and recruitment and management practices.
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