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The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) is a comprehensive list of all quality assured qualifications in New Zealand. NZQA quality assures all New Zealand Certificates, New Zealand Diplomas, New Zealand Degrees and the New Zealand Diploma in Business. Read more »

Developing qualifications at Levels 1-6 on the NZQF

All qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework must meet the requirements outlined in Section 3 of the policy document, The New Zealand Qualifications Framework. They must also be approved by the relevant quality assurance body.

New Zealand qualifications at Levels 1-6 were introduced in 2011 following a targeted review of qualifications. The requirements for listing New Zealand qualifications are outlined in Section 4 of the policy document. Read more »


The Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) lists all quality assured unit and achievement standards, known collectively as ‘assessment standards’.  The assessment standards listed on the DAS can contribute to national qualifications. Read more »


NZQA provides a number of ways in which current and previous learners can access their results, for either national qualifications or standards.

When a learner enrols in a programme that leads to credits for standards and national qualifications, they are given a unique identification number called a National Student Number (NSN). All standards and national qualifications gained by a student throughout their life are recorded against their NSN.

If you have a National Student Number (NSN) you can use the Learner Login to see all standards and national qualifications you have achieved. Read more »

Recognition of Overseas Qualifications


NZQA will keep you informed of any changes that will affect your international qualifications recognition application. These changes will help NZQA continually develop better practices and improve our service.

Changes will be published quarterly and will take effect immediately from the date they are published on our website. Applications received before each change date will not be impacted by the changes made, unless otherwise stated.

The schedule for publishing changes in 2021 is below:
- April 2021
- July 2021
- October 2021

We will ensure changes are clearly communicated.

If you submitted an application before 10 February 2020, please click here for information on your application.  

COVID-19 Update: New Zealand is currently in lockdown, however we will continue to assess overseas qualifications for recognition.

If you experience any difficulty submitting your application during this time, please contact us on qrs@nzqa.govt.nz

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