Frequently asked questions

The New Zealand Scholarship Monetary Awards are available to candidates who meet the eligibility and entry requirements under Schedule 1, section 6.2 of the NZQA Assessment Rules for Schools, TEOs assessing against Achievement Standards, and Candidates 2023.

If I sit Scholarship in Year 12 and am successful, can I have a second attempt in the same subject in Year 13?

Yes, however, you will only be able to claim the monetary award once.

If I achieve a single subject award in Year 12 and an outstanding subject award for the same subject in Year 13, will both these appear on my Record of Achievement?

Your record of achievement shows the Scholarships you have achieved, so both will show but you will not be paid for both. You will receive $500 for each single subject achievement.

Do I need to gain Scholarships in all three subjects in one year to get a Scholarship award?

Yes. Scholarships accumulated over two or more years cannot contribute to your Scholarship Award.

How do I apply for my Scholarship award?

Go through your Learner login on the NZQA website. Once you have logged in, scroll down to where your Scholarship awards appear. Find a link that says “apply for or decline award now”. Follow the instructions from there.

I’ve filled in my application form on the NZQA website but haven’t received any further contact regarding my Scholarship payment. What happens next?

Once you apply through the NZQA website, the data is sent to StudyLink. They make contact with candidates either through the post or online if you have a “my StudyLink account”. You need to return the documentation to StudyLink for payment.

I’ve sent in my bank details and haven’t received payment yet. Why is this? 

The first payment run takes place on the awards ceremony day in early May. No payments are made until then.

If you are enquiring after this date, you need to contact StudyLink to follow this up. They deal with all Scholarship payments.

I cannot access the online application; it says “contact NZQA to apply for your award”. What should I do?

You may not have applied within the time frame and NZQA’s system has switched over the academic year, or you may have awards from two different years. Phone or email NZQA.

When do I get the money?

The first payment for Scholarship awards happens on the morning of the award ceremony in early May. If all information you provided is received and processed prior to the ceremony day, you should expect payment on that day.

Can I defer my monetary award?

Yes. You can defer your monetary award for a maximum of 4 years, but you must indicate your intention to defer by 15 January of the year following results release, and your intention to continue the deferment must be advised annually by emailing

How is the money paid? Does it have to go towards my course fees?

Monetary awards are paid into the bank account that is nominated by you as the recipient. Students are not required to spend money on course fees. You can choose how you spend this money.

When does my application for payment of my Scholarship have to be submitted by?

Your Scholarship application must be submitted by 15 January in the year after your Scholarship results are released. i.e. If you sat NZ Scholarship successfully in 2017, and your results were released in 2018, you must complete your application to receive payment before 15 January 2019. You should submit your application as soon as possible to ensure prompt payment.

I am studying part-time this year – can I still receive my award?

You can receive payment of your award only if you are studying at a 0.4 full-time equivalent or more. To find out whether your course/papers are 0.4, contact your study provider or StudyLink. This is stated in the rules and procedures on the NZQA website.

I am not studying in the first semester, but I will be studying full-time next semester. What should I do?

Apply for a deferment, and contact StudyLink later in the first semester to inform them of your intentions to begin full-time study in semester two.

I got a single subject award in Year 12 and two single subject awards in Year 13. How much money do I get?

Because you have not achieved all three Scholarship subjects in the same year, you are not entitled to the $2000 payment; however, you are entitled to $500 per subject achieved in the same year, with a maximum of $1000.

I got a single subject award in Year 12 and another single subject award in Year 13. How much money do I get?

You are entitled to a total payment of $1000. If, however, you get scholarships in three or more subjects, they must be in the same year to qualify for the Scholarship Award of $2000 for each of three years of qualifying tertiary study.

I applied for reconsideration, and the result was successful. But I have already submitted my application online. What should I do?

You do not need to do anything. Your successful reconsideration will be reflected in the information that is passed on to StudyLink, and payment will reflect what you have gained.

How many Outstanding results do I need to gain to be considered for the Outstanding Scholar Award?

The minimum eligibility requirement is “three Scholarships with at least two at “Outstanding” level in the same year, or more than three Scholarships with at least one at “Outstanding” level in the same year”. However, there is a limit on the number of these awards, and the minimum requirement may not be enough to receive an award.

I gained all the requirements for the Outstanding Scholar Award, but there seems to be an error and it shows as Scholarship Award online?

As above, the number of recipients for this award is restricted to the top 40-60 candidates and achieving the minimum requirement will not guarantee you an award.

I gained Top Subject Scholar one year for English and a Single Subject Scholarship the next year for Accounting. Do I get $2500?

Yes, if you gained a Top Subject Scholar Award in a subject prior to Year 13, and a Single Subject Award in another subject in Year 13, or vice versa, you will receive both awards.

I gained the Scholarship Award one year and Outstanding Award the next year but have been paid only $5000; when can I expect the $2000 for my Scholarship Award?

Where you meet the criteria for more than one monetary award, you will receive only the award of the highest monetary value.

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