New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations

Applying for a New Zealand Scholarship reconsideration

Note: If you apply for a reconsideration using the review application form your request for reconsideration will not be processed. For information on the process to follow to apply for a review, see New Zealand Scholarship reviews, or for more detailed information such as what to apply for and fees for New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations, refer to Scholarship Results Publication.

Reconsideration deadline: Friday, 5 March 2021

How to apply:

  1. Log in to your Learner Login and select Request Reconsideration for NZQA Examination Results. Log in now (opens in a new window).
  3. Select the standards you wish to have reconsidered, complete the declaration section, then click next. (Note: You can modify your request at any point during the initial stages of the application process).
  5. Enter the delivery address and delivery method you would like for the return of your booklets, portfolio/folders and reconsideration outcome then select next to proceed to the payment section. (Note: additional fees apply for the return of materials by courier).
  7. Review the details of your reconsideration request then select a payment option: online, manual or fee waiver. If you choose 'fee waiver' you will be directed to the fee waiver application form. A parent or guardian will need to supply a benefit number or attest that they meet the income limit. By choosing to pay online you must use a valid credit or debit card with the proper authority. Manual payments can be made using cheque, New Zealand Post money orders, direct credit or manual credit card payments. (Note: you cannot modify your order once you proceed past this point).
  9. Print out a copy of the order confirmation screen and send this to NZQA with any of the following applicable materials;
    1. Music: Written material. The CD is held at NZQA.
    2. DVC: Your portfolio
    3. Technology: Your folder
    4. Visual Arts: Your workbook plus 3 x A4 photos – one per portfolio panel. In addition, the authenticity declaration section on your printed application form must be completed by your Visual Arts teacher. This form must be enclosed with your submission. Do not send your actual portfolio.
    5. PE: NZQA has retained your report. Nothing further needs to be sent.
    6. Dance: NZQA has your workbook and CD. Nothing further needs to be sent.
    7. Drama: NZQA has your annotated text and video submission. Nothing further needs to be sent.
    8. All other subjects: your Scholarship booklet.

Post your entire application by Friday, 5 March 2021 to:

New Zealand Scholarship Reconsiderations
PO Box 160

If it is not received by NZQA by this date the application will not be processed.

How long does it take?

A review or reconsideration may take up to six weeks to process. If the outcome of your application might affect University Entrance, please let your chosen University know it may take four weeks for any updated results to become available.

You can monitor the status of your reconsideration request using the My Orders link in the Learner Login main menu.

For further information on the process to follow to apply for a review or a reconsideration, see Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools, or click here for more information relating to NCEA reconsideration and reviews.

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