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Earth and Space Science assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93104) Earth and Space Science
Method of assessment Written examination
For year 2023 

Format of the assessment

There will be 3 open-ended questions. Some questions may have long passages to read and consider.

Resource material such as written text, images, and data will be provided for each question. In their answers, candidates will be expected to integrate this resource material into their own thinking.

Candidates will be required to answer ALL questions.

Content / context details

Questions will be asked within a variety of contexts, some of which may be unfamiliar.

Candidates should be familiar with overarching cycles such as the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and the rock cycle, as integrating aspects of the curriculum.

Candidates should have a broad knowledge of tectonic plate theory, the geology of Zealandia, and astronomy such as the life cycles of stars and the formation and key features of objects in our solar system. 

Earth and Space Science resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc

2022 exam materials (ZIP, 8.5MB)

2021 exam materials (ZIP, 8.3MB)

2020 exam materials (ZIP, 721KB)

2019 exam materials (ZIP, 4.3MB)

2018 exam materials (ZIP, 68MB)

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