Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship Samoan 2022

Standard 93010

Part A: Commentary

Listening to a reading text in Samoan in Question 1 and accurately taking notes in the space provided a sense of agency and / or urgency. An advantage of notetaking is the ability to cross reference during writing time. Question 2 follows with a specific example regarding the Samoan chiefly system in which the paramount chief’s nephew represents the female / male connection, relative to Ma’upū honorifics. Question 3 should naturally be a choice to synthesise information for family genealogy, o le gafa o lo’u ‘aiga.

Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance, commonly:

  • effectively communicated, with sophistication and style, in a natural way, and in a manner that was sustained, fluent, and flexible
  • developed and integrated personal opinions, beliefs, viewpoints, or ideas that acknowledged and explored different perspectives, and which went beyond the given material
  • fully interpreted the stimulus material and made connections with their own ideas that went beyond the given material and which demonstrated independent reflection and extrapolation.

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship, commonly:

  • interpreted stimulus material and made connections with their own ideas that went beyond the given material
  • assembled ideas with precision and clarity in a logical manner, through a synthesised response to the statement: Discuss the cultural significance of the notion Ma’upu (tamafafine) as a matai title holder
  • spoke clearly and concisely with correct intonation; accent had little effect on communication and they self-corrected as necessary.

Other candidates

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship, commonly:

  • inconsistently and / or partially interpreted the stimulus material and occasionally made connections with their own ideas
  • demonstrated superficial or limited understanding of the text in English
  • spoke with incorrect intonation; accent affected communication and they failed to self-correct.

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