Scholarship Drama - waiting-room rules

Information for:

  • all Candidates
  • the waiting-room Supervisor
  • Drama teachers.

The school will provide a waiting-room for candidates, adjacent to but out of sight and earshot of, the Performance Space(s). All candidates may use the same waiting-room.

  1. There will be no opportunity to leave the waiting-room during the examination unless the school has been able to have a second staff member on call to escort candidates to the toilet. The last candidate may have to wait for an hour and a half to be examined. Candidates should visit the toilet before going to the waiting-room.
  2. Candidates are to be examined in Attendance Roll order. The "Working Copy of the Attendance Roll" will be available in the waiting-room.
  3. Candidates must be present 20 minutes before the examination begins and must obey the instructions given by the Examination Supervisor.
  4. No candidate will be admitted to the waiting-room and permitted to perform after the first candidate has completed their performance and been dismissed.
  5. Candidates who have performed are not to return to the waiting-room or communicate in any way with candidates yet to perform.
  6. No cell phones are permitted in the waiting-room or Performance Space(s).
  7. Copies of the "Instructions to Candidates" will be available in the waiting-room for candidates to read.
  8. Candidates may use their waiting time to warm up.
  9. The Supervisor will maintain order in the waiting-room.
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