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Latin assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93008) Latin
Method of assessment Written examination
For year 2023

Format of the assessment

Candidates will be required to answer all questions.

There will be 2 previously unseen Latin passages, each having one question requiring translation into English and one question requiring analysis. The question requiring analysis may have more than one part.

An introduction to each of the 2 passages will be provided in English.

Resources or information supplied

A separate glossary of words for each passage will be provided. No further reference material may be used during the assessment.

The principal parts of all irregular verbs and all third conjugation verbs, the nominative and genitive singular of all third declension nouns, and all irregular nouns will be given in full. 

Personal pronouns will be glossed in the following way:

ego I
tu you
nos we
vos you
se himself, herself, itself, themselves
hic, haec, hoc this, he, she, it
ille, illa, illud that, he, she, it
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herself, itself, themselves
is, ea, id  he, she, it, that
iste, ista, istud that

Content / context details

Passage One will be Latin prose of approximately 120–150 words of literary Latin.

Passage Two will be Latin poetry of approximately 15–20 lines of Virgil.

The passages may be abridged. The Latin prose passage may be adapted to be aligned with the accidence and syntax requirements as outlined in the Latin Teaching and Learning Guide.

Assistance will be given to candidates for structures outside those used in the Latin Teaching and Learning Guide.

Candidates will be expected to recognise additional structures that commonly appear in Virgil’s poetry.

Both passages will require analysis of the way(s) that language, style, and / or content convey the ideas of the author. 

Latin resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc.)

2022 exam materials (ZIP, 2.7MB)

2021 exam materials (ZIP, 2.3MB)

2020 exam materials (ZIP, 3.1MB)

2019 exam materials (ZIP, 23MB)

2018 exam materials (ZIP, 54MB)

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